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Special Gourmet Coffee

What is gourmet coffee? It’s anything that isn’t served black, according to many coffee labels and manufacturer’s these days. A gourmet coffee can be anything from what you buy at your local Starbuck’s to that bag labeled ‘Gourmet Coffee’ in your supermarket or online coffee dealer. Gourmet coffee can come with beautiful packaging or in a plain brown wrapper.

Whatever it’s wrapped in, gourmet coffee is different, and it smells different too. Some gourmet coffee has chocolate flavors, some are nutty and others are minty. Gourmet coffee is usually ground and ready to brew, so get that coffee machine ready and try out a wide variety of gourmet coffee’s on the market today.

Most gourmet coffee comes packaged in either individual packets or in a one pound to five-pound bag. Some is ground, while offer whole bean coffees. No matter which kind you buy, your taste buds are in for a treat if you’ve never tried some flavors and blends.

For example, gourmet coffee can come in non-flavored selections such as Columbian Supreme, French Roast, Mocha Java, Kenya Blend and Major’s Breakfast Blend, just to name a few. Most of these types of coffee claim robust flavor, premium aroma and a smooth, deep flavor.

For those who have gotten used to the offerings at local coffee bars, the sweeter coffees have become extremely popular. Ever had an Amaretto Supreme? This coffee creation is made with almond flavor and almond flavored liqueur. What about Hazlenut Crème? This gourmet coffee is known as ‘noisette’ in French, and offers coffee drinkers a nutty flavored and sweet coffee.

If you’re a chocoholic, there are a variety of gourmet coffee flavors that will interest your taste buds, like Ultimate Chocolate and Swiss Chocolate Almond, to name just two. For those who like to make their own, most gourmet coffee brands make at least a dozen or more flavors from French Vanilla to Caramel Crème and Southern Pecan and a dozen more. Most gourmet coffee suppliers offer these coffees at moderate prices, so making your own just got easier.

Books for sale in bookstores and those to be found on library shelves teach consumers how to make their own gourmet coffee blends with coffee purchased at supermarkets or ordered online through coffee vendors. Some gourmet coffee blends cost more than others, but most can be had for less than ten dollars for a one to five pound bag, depending on your flavor. Since there’s nothing like the taste of a gourmet coffee once in a while to keep things exciting, many people opt to purchase several different flavors to keep in their homes.

Many people freeze coffee to make it last longer, and most claim that doing so doesn’t alter the taste. Storing coffee in an airtight container will also preserve shelf life. When shopping for gourmet coffee, browse the aisles of your local supermarket first, and if they don’t carry what you want, then try a coffee specialty store. Some coffee shops sell their own special blends of gourmet coffee, as do dozens of online gourmet coffee vendors. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a flavor of gourmet coffee that tickles your fancy, guaranteed.

Market Spice Tea – Because There’s an Adventurer in all of us

By now we’ve all heard of green tea and probably even read about the health benefits that it has and lots of other information. I want to take amount and put all of this nonsense aside and tell you about a tea that is something to get excited about: Market Spice Tea.

Market Spice originated from Seattle’s Historic Pike Place market in 1911. Market spice is made from sweet huckleberries, which is what gives Market Spice it’s “unlike anything else” taste. Don’t be confused with Huckleberry Finn how ever I’m sure if Tom Sawyer was to drink tea it would be Market Spice. Only Market Spice packs the type of punch that an adventurer like Tom Sawyer would be satisfied with. I’ve heard it compared to Orange on Steroids. How ever you look at the Tea, The taste is something else and leads to a simply unforgettable experience.

Market spice has been converting Green tea drinkers for almost 100 years. Why Market Spice? Words can’t do any more justice: If there is an adventurer in you: Try it and find out for yourself!

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The Incomparable Premium Gourmet Coffee

Coffee has top choices when it comes to quality in taste and flavor. Of course, coffee enthusiasts know the difference of what is considered “rich gourmet” as compared to “instant” blends.

The latter one can easily mix anytime, since its powder content is already manufactured to suit the need of the fast-paced consumers who won’t take the time to use their coffee makers. The flavor may be good, but there is usually a lack of distinction in its taste and finish.

Then, there’s the prime choice of premium gourmet coffee that one can only get from grinding the finest coffee beans available in the market. There is much more substance when the hot concoction hits one’s taste buds, effectively separating itself from the ordinary and blasé category.

What makes a premium gourmet coffee blend? Its source comes from a mix of various superior-quality Arabica coffee beans that give a unique odor and taste. There are many of them to choose from in the market, with varying results from their different roasting styles and origin. One can easily distinguish the difference when they take a sip from a cup of gourmet coffee blend, its richness and texture combined with the intoxicating fragrance, at the same time doing wonders to the coffee-drinker senses.

Premium Coffee Delight

Now how can one achieve just the perfect cup of premium gourmet coffee?

First, one should carefully choose the right kind of blend that suits the palate. Some like their coffee beans dark and oily; others are more into light-roasted ones that are not so strong yet still able to give that certain kick. Finding them should not be that hard as there are a variety of kinds to choose from.

The next crucial step is to grind them just enough for the oils to blend in together with the beans, not necessarily for them to dissolve into a cloud of small particles as this would lose the rich taste of the bean essences. One must be careful not to overdo the grinding process in using a blade coffee grinder. One must be particular of when the beans reach a certain consistency.

A liberal amount is then recommended to be put into the coffeemaker, and by liberal, it may mean the more the better, or according to one’s definition of what better is. The usual coffee aficionado already has an idea of how rich he wants his cup of coffee to be.
Whatever delightful concoction the drinker may produce, one thing is sure: a premium gourmet coffee will never disappoint the senses.

Home Made Gourmet Chocolates

A few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to make some gourmet food for a party I was going to arrange. Well I put on my chefs hat and finished up making some truffles, and wow, my friends thought they were fantastic and actually thought that they were gourmet chocolates that I had bought from a quality gourmet food store.

I would like to point out that making gourmet chocolates for yourself is difficult and will take a lot of time, however to be positive it does give you the opportunity to try out some recipes that you probably could not get from the local store.

The key to making amazing gourmet chocolates:

Choosing and buying the ingredients of your gourmet chocolates is part of the fun. To start with I melted excellent quality dark chocolate over a double boiler. Secondly I rolled some small balls from marzipan and covered them with chocolate. Finally I rolled the chocolate covered marzipan in ground almonds, I also rolled chocolate covered peanut butter in more chocolate and then gave them a covering of ground peanuts.

Making Gourmet chocolates opens up your creative juices, and so when making your own gourmet chocolates, you can create many different variations like, chocolate covered candied ginger, chocolate covered citrus peels; even chocolate covered chili peppers, wow.

Sharpen your sculpting talents when making gourmet chocolates:

A popular TV chef had a recipe for a honey chocolate cake, which inspired me to make a honey marzipan truffle. Start by melting some very good quality chocolate over the double boiler, and add a little honey, this will create a nice glaze. Now get the marzipan and with a paring knife carve some simple shapes like flowers, bunnies or hearts then dip the shaped marzipan carefully into the chocolate and let the chocolate set on the marzipan. Then dust them with confectioner’s sugar. The glaze will be a little sticky, so the sugar will stick. This will make a great gift for all occasions, and is an especially good idea for gourmet chocolates, because you can make the marzipan into any shape to suit the occasion, and finish off by dusting them with the confectioner’s sugar.

A Fantastic gift for someone you care about:

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t like chocolate, so as gifts they are an excellent choice to show someone you care. By making gourmet chocolates yourself, you can take your time, and make them look great for that special person in your life. Food and wine followed by some gourmet chocolates will definitely score you some brownie points.

Gourmet chocolates are normally made by master chocolate makers, there’s no pressure here, but be sure you don’t make something thats looks terrible and boring, because this will defeat the object of making them yourself. If the chocolates you create are lumpy, uneven or mis-shaped people will not think much of them. You need to be sure the quality is fantastic when offering your friends some of your gourmet chocolates.

Overindulge In Gourmet Chocolates

Many people spend tons of money on fine wines and often pay an extraordinary amount of money for a single bottle of wine. Not many people would guess that it could be true for chocolates as well, not even gourmet chocolate.

However, nowadays there are chocolate manufacturers that specifically target the higher end of the chocolate market. One of these companies is Amadei. Their chocolates have brought the term terroir to the chocolate world.

Terroir is most often associated with wines. It is used to describe the wine flavors and tones that are associated with a specific winegrowing region.

Amadei was established in the early 90s and is placed in Italy. Chocolate connoisseurs are going crazy over their gourmet chocolates.

Their unique gourmet chocolates like Chuao and Porcelana can easily cost you more than $200 for 1 kg!

Those prices are in line with what people would be willing to pay for an expensive wine. Just like money does not matter for the true wine lover, for the true chocolate connoisseur these prices are negligible if the chocolate is of outstanding quality. Amadei is unquestionably amongst the finest of gourmet chocolates around.

If those kinds of prices scare you off then a good alternative, but still an excellent choice, is the Godiva line of chocolates. Their dark gourmet chocolates will cost you approximately $70 for 1 kg. Apart from Godiva, there are also several other excellent gourmet chocolate choices, such as Valrhona, Scharffen Berger, plus other smaller local manufacturers. The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Hawaii grows their own cocoa and produces their own chocolates locally.

If truffles are your weakness then you absolutely have to try the Amadei truffles. They are not as pricey as the chocolate squares.